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Keep up to date with the latest blog news from Memsaab by House of Raja’s. If you would like to follow our social media please use the links below. We regularly host Facebook Live feeds where we showcase our latest saree’s, chania cholis, and the finest jewellery so don’t miss out! If there is anything you would like us to cover in our blogs, please feel free to drop us a message

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Delicious Diwali Desserts!

How is Diwali Celebrated?  Diwali is arguably the most important date in the Hindu calendar, it is often referred to as the festival of light

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Blog & News

Garba Dance Festival 2021!

 The word ‘Garba’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Garbha’ meaning ‘womb’ or ‘deep’. Garba is a form of Gujarati folk dance, performed during the

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National Nut Day!

22nd October 2021   Nuts are used in cooking across the world or can be enjoyed just on their own as a healthy snack. They

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Blog & News

Happy Navratri 2021!

Navratri 2021 Navratri is almost here again, the nine-day symbolic celebration of the battle of good against evil. This Hindu holiday is held in honour

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